Stepping into the hospitality industry is exciting and maybe a little scary. But overall, if you have a heart for service, you’ll see quickly that this is your calling.

A Landmark Hotel Group career path is different for everyone. We have General Managers who started their career working with us as a high schooler. They have invested time to learn, grow, and flourish in the industry. Other associates have found us along their career path and now call Landmark home.

As industry experts, let’s talk about our advice to aspiring hotel professionals whether you are looking for a Landmark Hotel Group Career

Get experience. The best way to learn about the hospitality industry is to get experience working in a hotel. Start from the ground up. Many successful Landmark Hotel Group professionals began their careers at the entry level. Don’t be discouraged if you start as a front desk agent or in housekeeping. Learning the fundamentals increases your ability to move into management-level positions and be a future leader. 

Be passionate. The hospitality industry is about customer service if you are passionate about providing exceptional service. If you love creating memorable guest experiences. You’re on the right path if you dream of seeing guests leave with smiles. A Landmark Hotel Group career starts with a passion for hospitality.   

Be flexible. The hospitality industry has been known for its long hours and irregular schedules. But a Landmark Hotel Group career allows for more flexibility. Even then, adaptability is your superpower! Being adaptable is crucial, whether it’s a surge in guest arrivals or handling an unexpected guest request.

During hotel renovation jobs, being flexible is key. Something is always bound to come up or take longer than expected. The guest impact may be minor during the hotel renovations, but if we can think quickly, we can still ensure the guests feel at home. 

Be a team player. The hospitality industry is all about teamwork. Without one department, the hotel would suffer. Every role in the hotel is important. Strong communication skills are vital. The amount of information shared between the departments to ensure everything is running smoothly daily is simply amazing! Listen actively and speak clearly. This will help you build strong relationships with guests and team members. 

Be positive. A positive attitude is contagious. Be someone who guests and colleagues enjoy being around. And there’s a lot to be positive about with a Landmark Hotel Group career. 

Be detail-oriented. In the hotel business, the little things matter a lot, whether ensuring that a guest’s preferred pillow type is on their bed or that the lighting in the lobby creates the perfect ambiance. Attention to detail sets a great hotel apart. 

Be motivated and set goals. Set short-term and long-term goals, whether moving up the ranks within your Landmark Hotel Group Career or becoming a renowned Hotel Chief Engineer. Whether starting at the entry-level or aspiring to be a key player in hotel renovation jobs or management, remember that passion, education, adaptability, and networking are your best allies. 

So, you want to be a hotel chief engineer? Before we dive into the world of boilers, HVAC systems, and guest room maintenance, let’s drop some advice your way.

  1.  Embrace the “I.T” Factor: “Infrastructure Tweaker”
     Sure, some hotels call it Information Technology, but for you, it’s infrastructure Tweaking. You become the guru of all things tech-   related. When guests can’t connect to Netflix, you’re their streaming savior, their binge-watching hero, not just a hotel chief engineer.   Just remember to smile when you say, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

  2.  Channel your Inner MacGyver (am I aging myself with this reference?!)
     Expect the unexpected. Being a hotel chief engineer means thinking on your feet and getting creative with solutions. Guests will look   to you for comfort, not just in fixing their AC but also in reassuring them that everything will be alright. A friendly smile and a little   charm can go a long way in reassuring guests.

  3.  Develop superhuman senses
     You will soon realize that as the hotel chief engineer, you have developed ears like a bat, eyes like a hawk, and a nose that knows. You   will see things that many others don’t, like a light bulb that is 3000K instead of 3800K.

  4.  Time Management: Juggling tools and towels
     Multitasking is the name of the game. Balancing a toolbox in one hand and a clipboard in the other, all while navigating a hotel   corridor with housekeeping carts, requires the finesse you have. You’ll develop ninja-like reflexes in no time as a hotel chief engineer!

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