An Interview with Darla Tison, Comptroller and Susan Dropski, Asst. Comptroller

The Landmark Accounting team keeps our hotels and management team on track for overall financial success. From data analyzation, to payroll, to accounts receivable and payable; this team maintains the financial health of our hotels and management company.

Darla Tison, has been with Landmark for 26 years.  Darla went to college for hospitality and began her career in hotel sales then transitioned to operations at the front desk then transferred to accounting. She is currently the Comptroller for Landmark Hotel Group and over sees 11 hotels.

Susan Dropski has been with Landmark for 10 years. Susan started her career in Hampton working at the front desk as a guest services representative and night auditor. She then transitioned to doing payroll, human resources and accounting. She took accounting classes in college but decided it wasn’t for her at the time, however she loves math and knew accounting was what she wanted to do.

We sat down with our accounting team to find out more about their department and how they manage the finances for all of our hotels.

Q&A with Accounting

Why did you choose accounting as your career path?

Darla: “It chose me. I always loved accounting. I love working with numbers and book keeping.”

Susan: “I am better with numbers, I always have been,”


What do you find most satisfying about your job?

Darla: “I like the corporate side, the balance sheets and P&L’s.”

Susan: “I like to troubleshoot, I enjoying researching and fixing issues.”


What has been the most challenging part of your job?

Darla and Susan: Because we work with so many different properties, it’s getting everyone to stick to the same procedures. Keeping it all the same for every property, in regards to legality, and the department of labor for instance.


What is something that most people do not know about your job?

Darla and Susan: That it is not seasonal. There’s no down time. Things are always changing, rules and regulations with medical benefits, the Department of Labor, John Hancock. Along with system changes for each property and the programs all of the properties use.


What advice would you give to someone starting out in accounting?

Darla and Susan: Patience, educate yourself. Computer knowledge. Knowledge is key, and the easier it will be. Be flexible.


Is there anything specific to hotel accounting that you wouldn’t find in another accounting job? If so, what is it, and what makes it unique?

Darla and Susan: We both have only worked in hotel accounting but it’s probably the need to be knowledgeable on several operating systems for example, IHG, Marriott, Hilton, Radisson, and Hyatt. We do multi-level accounting and need a broader knowledge because of the smaller size of our company we wear many hats.


What is your biggest pet peeve that people do on expense reports?

Susan: No name on the report. Also, when people don’t turn in detailed credit card receipts, when things are itemized.


What is something the team could do that would make your life easier? (Like with their expense reports, P&L’s, invoices, etc.)

Darla and Susan: Communication is key. Turning reports in on time. Reading emails and replying in a timely manner. Communicate with us first, team work…just talk to us.

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