By: Kristen Shelton, Director of Sales and Marketing

If you are looking for flexible full-time or part-time job opportunities at a hotel, look no further!  There are so many different flexible hospitality careers within the Landmark portfolio.

Over the course of the last 3 years, there has been a functional shift in how people want to work and when they want to work.  Job flexibility and benefits are more important than they ever have been.  The pandemic years pushed people into new industries and moved people to look for more flexible jobs.  This shift led hoteliers to think differently about what hours to offer and how to be more flexible.  

Hospitality careers 

Hospitality careers can provide work for those looking for both part-time and full-time positions.  

Here are a few positions to think about when you are looking to work in hospitality:

  • Hotel Front Desk Jobs 
  • Hotel Housekeeping jobs
  • Room Attendant jobs
  • Hotel Chief Engineer jobs

Hotel Front Desk Jobs

Hotel front desk jobs are excellent for people who enjoy face-to-face guest interactions.  Working a hotel front desk job puts you front and center at the hotel.  In this role, you will answer phones, check guests in and out, and provide hotel and local market information, amongst other tasks.  Most hotels have their front desks open 24 hours a day. This means there are many opportunities to work different hours.  Typically, there is a 7 am – 3 pm position, a 3 pm – 11 pm position, and an 11 pm – 7 am night audit position.  There is often a swing shift during the afternoon during heavy check-in times.  With this many shifts available, there are a variety of front desk hospitality careers, and these positions can be full or part-time. 

Hotel Housekeeping Jobs and Room Attendant Jobs

Hotel housekeeping jobs and room attendant jobs are pretty much one-in-the-same.  Different brands and management companies may use one or the other.  The overall function of the job is to clean guest rooms.  There are several different types of cleanings that hotel housekeepers may conduct:

  • Light-touch up cleaning
  • Full-service cleaning
  • Check-out cleaning

Light touch and full-service cleans occur while the guest is still checked into the hotel.  Each hotel brand has a different policy for when and how rooms are to be cleaned for guests.  The most popular method for hotels currently is a light-touch cleaning every several days and 1 full clean during your stay.  Light-touch cleanings provide a change of linen, empty the trash, and replenish soaps, shampoos, and conditioners.  During a full clean, your room will be completely serviced with a change of linens, making the beds, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, and emptying the trash.  

Check-out cleanings are very similar to full-service cleaning. It requires more in-depth cleaning steps and removal of all “signs of previous guests.”  Room Attendants will check drawers, closets, and refrigerators to ensure no items are left behind.  They will dust headboards, artwork, tables, stands, and vanities.  

As you can see, with so many cleaning methods, there is a big need for hotels to have team members working in hotel housekeeping jobs.  We have adjusted the housekeeping hours at Landmark to accommodate our associates.  Some may be parents who need to take children to school or daycare, so creating flexible work hours has been beneficial. 

Hotel Chief Engineer Jobs

Hotel Chief Engineer jobs and maintenance jobs are critical to positions at a hotel.  These roles are perfect for skilled trade workers looking for hospitality careers.  Engineering team members become a “jack of all trades.”  Hotel Chief Engineers are not only responsible for fixing things that are broken. Much of what they do is preventative maintenance to keep our hotels running well and looking beautiful.  

Since hotels are open day and night, it is important for a Hotel Chief Engineer to schedule maintenance staff for around-the-clock shifts.  These positions are excellent for someone wanting to learn more about the behind-the-scenes maintenance of a hotel.  There are flexible full and part-time hospitality careers for hotel engineers.

Other Hospitality Careers 

Highlighted above are several of the most popular roles in a hotel, but there are so many other ways to work in hospitality.  Here are a few other positions to consider for full and part-time hospitality careers:

  • Hotel Sales & Catering positions
  • Hotel Breakfast Attendants
  • Hotel Restaurant Servers
  • Hotel Banquet Servers 
  • Food & Beverage Team jobs at Full-Service properties
  • Hotel Management Jobs

As you can see, several hospitality career options are waiting for you to apply!  There really is an opportunity for every interest when you work in hospitality.  We want you to join our team and find a place “Where You Belong!”