Kristen Shelton, Director of Sales and Marketing

Hotel housekeeping jobs are one of the most critical roles at a hotel. Our guests depend on checking into clean rooms and having service throughout their hotel stays.

Housekeepers with hospitality careers will tell you that the key to effective cleaning of a hotel room is to have a plan and strong teamwork.

Tips & Tricks for Hotel Housekeeping

Our Fairfield Inn & Suites Operations Manager, Tracey Henderson, has been featured in the National Best Seller, The Expert’s Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do by Samantha Ettus. In the book, Tracey provides step-by-step tips for adequately making a bed.

To get those tight hotel bed corners, Tracey advises that you should place your flat sheet and blanket on the bed wrong side up and then follow these steps:

  1. At the base of the bed tuck in both the flat sheet and blanket starting from the center and working towards the corners
  2. Then, you take the loose end of the sheet on one side of the foot of the bed and pull it straight up onto the bed, forming a triangular fold
  3. Tuck the hanging end of the sheet under the mattress
  4. Pull the triangular fold over the mattress
  5. Tuck the fold in nice and neat
  6. Do the same on the other side

Another excellent tip for housekeepers who work in hospitality is to organize and stock their housekeeping carts first thing in the morning. A well-stocked cart will prevent the housekeeper from having to leave the room or floor for more supplies.

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Hospitality Teamwork

Hotels with housemen and room attendant jobs may have enough staff to have a couple of team members “stripping” checkout rooms for the housekeeping team. This part of the job requires removing all of the bed linens, towels, and mats used by the previous guest. Other items that need to be removed are re-useable cups and glasses, as well as removing trash and emptying trashcans.

Once a room has been cleaned, there are people on the team with housekeeping inspector jobs. This person is responsible for checking all cleaned rooms to ensure they are ready for a new guest. The inspector matches the quality of the cleaning, ensures the linens are adequately hung and free from stains, and verifies that all items have been placed back in the proper locations.

Benefits of Working at Landmark

Hotel housekeeping jobs are perfect for someone who enjoys being on a team and working independently. It takes strong teamwork to get all the rooms completed. However, while in the room, the room attendant works alone primarily to accomplish all of the cleaning tasks.

Another great benefit is that Landmark Hotel Group offers flexible housekeeping hours. Landmark will work around those restrictions if a team member has time limitations or can only work certain hours.

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