By Jedaiah Abad Director of Sales, Fairfield Inn & Suites Virginia Beach Town Center

Introduction to Landmark Hotel Group

My first full-time job was in the hotel industry. A year prior to this position I interned at a hotel during my summer break. This internship allowed me to shadow every department at the property. Right away, I was fully immersed into the daily operations of the hotel. The one place I found myself the happiest and most intrigued was the Sales Department. These people were always on the go and connecting with clients! The decision to pursue sales pursue post-college was very clear.

A year later, I landed a Sales Coordinator position with Landmark Hotel Group the Staybridge Suites located in Chesapeake, VA. This hotel is an extended stay property extremely focused on their guests and maintaining their clients. I was able to connect with each guest and learn more about them during their extended time at the hotel. These connections quickly made me feel like I was in the right place and on the right path; but I wanted to learn more.

The following year, I took a promotion into LHG’s Sales Manager in Training program. The program was very thorough and lasted about 3 months to complete. There was a strategic focus each week of training and to ensure the sales trainee fully understood their new role. The program taught me about various sales tools and reports that were used on a daily basis and was able to shadow multiple LHG Sales professionals. During this time I shadowed them for their office hours and even watch them in action during prime selling time. I sat in Sales & Revenue meetings with my Corporate Director of Sales and was able to fully understand the bigger picture. After completion of the SMIT program, I attended a brand sales training class focused on the sales call process and utilized those skills to execute my sales efforts at the Staybridge Suites.

This opportunity and LHG’s focus on their associates’ growth eventually led me to an Opening Director of Sales position at a brand-new property… and now to my second Marriott hotel opening! This program opened the door to some really great opportunities.  I encourage any curious sales professional looking to further their career to take the next steps with Landmark Hotel Group!