By: Raj Rahil, Vice President of Operations

People Are Paramount

The most important part of running a business is our employees.  Our teams are the backbone of this company and without them we would not be successful. Many companies like to boast that their staff members are a name, but not a number; at Landmark you are your name, but you are also family.  I have found that leading with empathy can inspire and motivate a team through most situations.

Leading our Work Family with Empathy

When I say we are a family—I mean we work together, we celebrate together, we struggle together, we mourn together, and we support one another through both work and personal obstacles.  Leading with empathy means understanding when someone has hit a rough patch and doing what is necessary to help them through it.

When our associates feel taken care of and appreciated they will take care of our guests and make them feel the same.

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Making Time is Leading with Empathy

Strong leaders make time for their employees.  Making time is not just stopping by for a property visit or reviewing reports.  Making time is learning about who they are, what their goals are, and what really motivates them.  Taking time to get to know associates is crucial in creating a strong company culture.  Building team member relationships fosters company growth from within our hotels.

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This pandemic has solidified my position on leading with empathy.  I have watched countless managers pick-up extra shifts, roll up their sleeves and make beds or work laundry.  I’ve seen employees go above and beyond to help guests going through difficult challenges.  Showing care and concern and taking care of one another daily has made us stronger and I could not be any happier to work side-by-side with my team.

People ARE Paramount.