Kristen Shelton, Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing 

The dynamic between hotel management companies and brands is very unique.  Many hotel chains have both corporately managed hotels, as well has franchised hotels.  As a franchise ownership company, we understand our relationship with our brands can sometimes be a little confusing for our guests and clients.

Hotel Management Companies and Brands

At Landmark Hotel Group we own and manage 11 hotels ranging between 6 different hotel chains.  We have franchise agreements with each of these 6 chains agreeing to adhere to each specific chain’s policy and standards. Our hotel teams learn these policies and make sure the hotels are running according to each specific brand standard. Since companies like ours own a variety of hotels it is important to understand the relationship between hotel management companies and brands.

Hotel Chains and Brands

We own and manage hotels from Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Hyatt, CHOICE, and Radisson.  Within each of these larger chains exists hotel brands.  For example IHG is the hotel chain, but Holiday Inn Express is a brand within that chain.  We own 3 IHG hotels, but each is a different brand.  We have our Candlewood Suites, our Staybridge Suites, and our Holiday Inn Express.  While there are signature IHG policies and protocols; each brand has completely different brand standards.  This is the same for the other hotel chains.

Check out to learn more about IHG brands.

The Right Fit

Before building or buying a new hotel we spend a great deal of time researching the market, the clients, and the brand to make sure each piece is a good fit.  Knowing what our guests want in a hotel is key to providing the best experience.

As much of benefit it is to offer a variety of brands within our portfolio, the task of managing multiple brands can sometimes be challenging for our corporate team.  6 hotel chains with 9 different brands means learning many unique systems and processes.  Managing the logins for each of these systems requires its own process!