Kristen Shelton, Director of Sales & Marketing

As I reflect back on 2021 I can’t help but recall how I was feeling last year during this time.  There were so many uncertainties and so many question marks going into the new year. We were forced to make a lot of decisions based on unknowns.  We were deciding on what groups to take, what rates to give, where to look to find new business. It feels a little surreal how things swung so drastically from empty rooms to hotels that were too full! Decisions made based on empty hotels became questionable once the corridors filled again with unexpected demand. I had to remind myself that decisions made in October 2020 were made with the best knowledge we had at the time.  Who would have known what a roller coaster of a year this would be! We worked on a pivot and we did an exceptional job together!

We are Ready for 2022!

Rolling into 2022 we still have question marks, but I feel confident that if we can make it in years like 2020 and 2021 then we will continue to thrive in 2022. We overcame challenges we never saw coming. Through this adversity we became stronger and better equipped to deal with difficult situations. We have new challenges facing us in 2022.  We are seeing the great return of social and group business and will have to work together to manage our weekend demand to maximize our revenues.

Making Our Own Waves

As we await the return of our corporate travel, our aim in sales is to continue to make our own waves.  We will continue to hunt down new opportunities and bringing them into our hotels. Remaining vigilant in our processes will help us win in sales!

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