By Akhil Jain, President

What we do every day has the power to improve the lives of others.

When families save their hard-earned money to vacation with us, we have the power to help create beautiful memories – using our smiles, service, and facilities to bring families closer together. When disaster strikes and people are displaced from their homes, we have the power to provide shelter and extend the comforting hand of hospitality.

We also have the power to have a positive economic effect on our community.

The money a tourist at one of our hotels has a compounded impact well beyond our industry. Studies have shown that for each dollar a tourist spends, there is a $1.61 total economic impact on the community. Those dollars support wages, jobs, and higher tax revenues, which in turn support spending in areas such as infrastructure and education.

Through our community service initiative, Landmark earmarks provide financial support and hundreds of man-hours each year to directly support local charities and non-profits. Our support has benefited numerous organizations, including CHKD, Operation Smile, The March of Dimes, Toys for Tots, Hope for Life Rescue, etc.

Our jobs must have a higher purpose. I feel incredibly lucky to work in an industry that has a positive effect on our community and the lives of others.
As Conrad Hilton said, our goal is to “spread the light and warmth of hospitality!”