By: Kristen Shelton, Director of Sales and Marketing 
If you have never worked in the hotel industry, you may find yourself wondering what it’s really like working for a hotel. Those who work in hospitality know that many hotel jobs and positions are available. Depending on the type and size of the hotel, there could be a number of positions, from room attendant jobs to food and beverage jobs.
Most people who work in hotels will tell you that it is a very active industry and changes from one day to the next. We are people-focused, and most jobs in hospitality require a lot of guest interactions. If you work at the front desk, your interactions may be completely different from someone who works in facilities or sales.

Managing Daily Operations

Typically, hotels are a 24-hour operation. This means there are a lot of moving parts that have to happen in order to serve our guests adequately. At full-service hotels like the Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Conference Center, there is a restaurant with breakfast attendant jobs and a full food and beverage staff to service their meetings and social events.
These teams ensure everything is planned, set, and ready for any events at the hotel. They work very closely with the sales and catering managers and meet multiple times leading up to the event. They ensure the right amount of food is ordered, room set-ups are correct, and they review all the client details.


There are so many positions within a hotel that help make the magic happen. Housekeeping attendants and maintenance techs work behind-the-scenes, keeping the hotel’s public areas clean and functioning. These teams not only keep up with the daily room cleanings but also keep up with deep cleaning and preventative maintenance schedules to keep our hotels up and running.
Our chefs and professional cooking staff also work behind the scenes. They make sure breakfast meals are ready in the morning for buffets and meals are prepared made-to-order for lunches and dinners.
Those working hotel security jobs monitor security cameras and walk the properties. Keeping our guests and our hotel staff members safe is a top priority.

Front of the House

Our front desk attendants and sales associates are the faces of our hotels. Being front-of-house requires answering many phone calls, assisting guests on property, and helping them with various things after they stay.
Working a front-of-house job requires a lot of guest interactions. These interactions range from making reservations, providing additional amenities, and helping resolve guest challenges.

Hands-on and Fast-Paced Industry

In a nutshell, working in a hotel can vary from one hotel to another and one position to another. Overall, working in hospitality is never the same. We are the perfect industry for someone who does not want to sit at a desk. The hotel industry is very hands-on and fast-paced, so it is perfect for those looking for a flexible job.
This is what it’s really like working for a hotel, and we would love to have you join our team!