If you stumbled across our page or came here to look for hospitality career opportunities, you may be asking…Who is Landmark?  The simple answer is that Landmark Hotel Group is a hotel management company with a portfolio of hotels in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  But Landmark Hotel Group is SO MUCH MORE!  

Landmark History in a Nutshell

Landmark Hotel Group started as one hotel in 1983 in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The Outer Banks is where Raj Jain and Raj Rahil met and became partners.  In 1995 the company acquired its first hotel in Virginia.  After the creation of a corporate office, several new hotel acquisitions, and a name change, Landmark Hotel Group was born in 2005.  

By 2013 Landmark surpassed the goal of owning and managing 10 hotels.  Since 2013, Landmark Hotel Group has become a hotel management company leader in the Hampton Roads and Outer Banks markets.  The company has made fiscally responsible decisions to acquire and divest properties over the course of the last 10 years.  

In 2019 Landmark built and opened the Hyatt Place Hotel in Hampton, Virginia.  This hotel serves as a community partner to the city of Hampton, the military, and other local businesses.  The hotel is centrally located across from the new Hampton Aquaplex and is within walking distance of the Hampton Roads Convention Center and Hampton Coliseum

The Fairfield Inn & Suites Virginia Beach Town Center opened in 2022 and serves as the flagship property for Landmark.  This hotel opened with a bang in April and has become wildly popular with corporate and government travelers.  The hotel contains Town Center Taps, the first self-serve wine and beer taps in a Fairfield brand, and in the Town Center of Virginia Beach. The Fairfield Inn also shares the property with the new Landmark Hotel Group Corporate office location. 

Our Portfolio of Hotels

You can check details here – https://www.landmarkhotelgroup.com/our-hotels/

A Company with Heart

While it has become cliché to say that a company feels like family, there aren’t too many other ways to describe our work environment.  Landmark Hotel Group is a company with heart.  

Landmark is the company that builds people up, gives them a helping hand when they need it, and embraces a “people first” attitude.  The core value of People are Paramount; is lived and breathed throughout the company. 

Landmark firmly believes that if you treat your employees well, you will treat our customers well.  This ideal permeates throughout the company culture.  Akhil Jain and Raj Rahil go above and beyond normal expectations to care for their team. 

Hospitality Careers at Landmark 

There are many opportunities for hospitality careers at Landmark.  There are adaptable hotel career options for full-time hotel jobs and part-time hotel jobs.  Working for Landmark allows for flexible hours and the ability to mold your personal schedule around your professional one.  Hospitality careers are no longer exclusive – everyone can have their dream job with Landmark Hotel Group. 

Morning and Day Time Hotel Careers

Let’s explore the various hospitality career options within Landmark. There are breakfast attendant positions for those in need of early morning hours.  These positions start early but are done early in the day after breakfast clean-up and restocking for the next day. 

Room attendant and housekeeping positions are also excellent hotel careers to have if you need daytime hours.  Usually, check-out at a hotel is between 11 am-12 pm, and check-in is usually between 3 pm-4 pm.  When you work in housekeeping, the goal is to complete your assigned rooms in between these hours to accommodate the guest check-out and check-in patterns.  Some room cleans are called stay-over cleans, which are tidying up already occupied rooms for guests staying over.  A full room cleaning is needed when a guest has completed the hotel check-in.   

Hotel maintenance jobs are mostly during the day.  People interested in these positions can count on completing routine preventative maintenance and conducting daily repairs as needed.  However, if things occur outside of daytime hours that need to be addressed immediately, then this position may have some on-call afternoon and evening hours. 

Afternoon and Night Hospitality Careers 

Afternoon front desk positions are very convenient for people who need to work later in the day.  These positions are typically from 3 pm to 11 pm, but sometimes there are swing shifts available to help give additional coverage at the desk. 

Night audit jobs are perfect for people who enjoy working overnight shifts.  Typically, these hours are quieter since many guests sleep during this shift.  

Discover your dream! 

At Landmark, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to find their dream job—regardless of what it looks like. That’s why we offer both full-time and part-time positions in all areas of hospitality, from food and beverage to housekeeping. We are proud to offer exceptional hospitality careers, no matter where your interests lie, there’s something for everyone at our hotels!

Whether you’re looking for full-time or part-time hotel jobs, there are plenty of opportunities at Landmark. Check out all of our available hospitality career opportunities! 

Benefits for Employees 

Since Landmark is a company with heart, the corporate team has worked incredibly hard to put together incentives and benefits that are advantageous for their employees.  

Those working full-time hotel jobs are eligible for health, vision, and dental insurance, and after a year of service, they are eligible for 401K benefits.  The 401K benefit allows for a company match, which is an excellent way to build retirement savings.  Full-time associates are also eligible for paid time off, paid holidays, supplemental insurance, and travel and hotel discounts.

Benefits for those working both full-time hotel jobs and part-time hotel jobs include:

  1. Sign-on Bonus of $250 for full-time jobs and $100 for part-time jobs (paid after 60 days if in good standing)
  2. Retention Bonus of $1.00 for every hour worked per 6-month period for employees in good standing. Full-time and part-time associates are eligible.
  3. Referral Bonus for current staff paid out for recruiting new team members.  $250 for full-time jobs and $100 for part-time jobs (paid after new associate completes 60th day)
  4. Volunteer Incentive: Full-time and Part-time associates are also eligible to earn up to 8 hours of paid time off to participate in Landmark volunteer programs.

 When it comes to finding the perfect hospitality career, it’s important to choose an employer who will truly value your skills and experience. At Landmark Hotel Group, we recognize that our employees are our greatest asset; that’s why we are dedicated to providing them with an environment where they can flourish personally and professionally.

Hearts of Service 

Landmark Hotel Group started with humble beginnings on the shores of North Carolina.  While we have grown in the number of hotels, the same mission of service and dedication to employees has never wavered.  Landmark Hotel Group believes in leading and serving with heart, and we are Where You Belong!

So join us at Landmark Hotel Group and take your hospitality career to the next level.