In September, Landmark Love partnered with the United Way of South Hampton Roads for several community service projects supporting a Day of Caring. Associates who work in hospitality at multiple Landmark hotels volunteered their time to give back to their communities.

The United Way of South Hampton Roads

The United Way Day of Caring brings together hundreds of volunteers in Hampton Roads to work with local non-profits on projects and incentives that benefit our local community. The Day of Caring signifies the kickoff for United Way’s A Month of Giving in October. This is one of the biggest fundraising campaigns for the organization.

The United Way is a private non-profit that was founded in 1887. The United Way believes, “When everyone in our area can thrive, our community thrives. That’s why United Way of South Hampton Roads teams up with individuals as well as corporate, community, and non-profit partners to solve the 757’s biggest problems. Whether it’s a relief during a short-term crisis or long-term support to rebuild someone’s life, our programs and our partners create a network of solutions.”

Landmark volunteers with hospitality careers had three opportunities to participate in a Day of Caring. Our Peninsula team worked with The UpCenter on deployment kits, and our Chesapeake team worked with ForKids to harvest and replant their rooftop garden. Our Virginia Beach team partnered with First Tee Hampton Roads to paint walls and baseboards in their learning classrooms.

Day of Caring Volunteers planting in a garden

Team Peninsula

Our Peninsula team worked with The UpCenter to assemble 60 kits for families with a deployed parent. The kits contained activities to include the deployed family members in daily conversations. There was a weekly memory page to share with the deployed family member at homecoming, postcards to send to a family member, and puzzles and other games/activities to offer something to do on difficult days.

Team Chesapeake

Our Chesapeake team worked with ForKids to harvest and replant their rooftop garden. Team members worked together to clean up flower and vegetable gardens. Volunteers started their day by hauling bags of soil up to the garden. The soil was used to replenish the flower and garden beds. New plants were added, and older plants were removed as team members refreshed the gardens.

Team Virginia Beach

Our Virginia Beach team worked with First Tee Hampton Roads. First Tee “…enables kids to build the strength of character that empowers them through a lifetime of new challenges”. Our team, led by Vinny Kraus, our Corporate Director of Facilities, got to paint the two indoor learning classrooms. This project allowed the space to be part of the vibrant update and refresh to match the rebranded program logo. The team helped paint the walls, baseboards, and doors.

Landmark Love 

The Day of Caring also represents the renewal of Landmark’s community service outreach. Landmark President Akhil Jain recently announced the creation of the Landmark Love initiative. Landmark Love encourages employee involvement in volunteer projects, community partnerships, and fundraising for local organizations.

Day of Caring Volunteer Event LHG

Landmark Month of Giving – October 2022

October signifies a Month of Giving, and associates will have multiple opportunities to donate their time and financially to the United Way. Donations and efforts will be centered around organizations that support mental health awareness and treatment in the local community.

Each Landmark hotel was given a financial goal to attain. The hotels will host fun-employee-centric activities like contests, games, and bake sales to boost contributions. Every employee is also eligible and encouraged to make a personal donation to the cause.

Landmark associates who work in hospitality are eligible to earn 8 paid hours while participating in Landmark Love community service initiatives. All associates are eligible for this incentive whether they have full-time or part-time hotel jobs. Offering paid time encourages team members to participate in community events and rewards them for their service.

To learn more about Landmark Love, Click Here.