This week Landmark Hotel Group President, Akhil Jain, launched a community initiative program for associates called Landmark Love. The mission of Landmark Love is to be a consistent community partner to organizations like ForKids, the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia, Neptune Festival, CHKD, and United Way of South Hampton Roads through fundraising, and volunteering, and having fun serving the community.
In the announcement, Mr. Jain stated the company would focus its efforts on supporting mental health in our community through partnering with non-profits. He continued by telling managers that “giving back is a cornerstone of who we are at Landmark.”
Mr. Jain expressed his pride in watching his managers always lead with heart. One of the four pillars of the Landmark’s mission statement is that People Are Paramount. This concept starts at home with the employees and extends to the guests and the Landmark local communities. Landmark Love was born from watching management teams lead with a heart of service.

United Way of South Hampton Roads

In a recent meeting, Mr. Jain and Jacob Peterson of United Way of South Hampton Roads solidified their community partnership. Landmark will introduce this partnership by celebrating a Day of Caring on September 16, 2022. A Day of Caring will be a series of volunteer events coordinated by United Way with organizations like ForKids and the YMCA. Landmark associates will participate in multiple volunteer efforts across Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, and OBX, NC.
Landmark officially kicks off the Landmark Love program by partnering with the United Way of South Hampton Roads in a Month of Giving in October. Each Landmark hotel will participate in month-long volunteer activities and donation opportunities. Hotels will nominate an associate as the United Way Ambassador to lead this series of donation and volunteer efforts.

Month of Giving

During the Month of Giving, Mr. Jain challenged the hotel General Managers by encouraging “a lot of healthy competition among our hotels as each competes to be the Landmark Love Champion hotel.” Part of the challenge will be coming up with creative ways to fundraise and engage associates and guests. The champion hotel with the most funds raised will be honored with a special event just for their team.
The United Way of South Hampton Roads’ primary objective is to “help solve the 757’s biggest problems.” The organization strives to uphold this mission through outreach programs, community partnerships, and fundraising efforts to benefit children and communities in need and support ongoing education and mentorship programs.

Modeling the Way

The efforts and mission of United Way models the ideals of Landmark’s new initiative. Landmark has always prioritized giving and service to the community, but under Landmark Love, the efforts will be more targeted and focused.
The Landmark corporate team plans to grow this program for its associates by incorporating incentives for volunteer hours and investing in personal interest philanthropies. With employee involvement, the company hopes to expand efforts into working with current clients and guests. Landmark Love is an all-encompassing effort to engage from within and impact the outside communities.